Infrared cameras manufacturers

I'm currently looking for infrared cameras. It seems to me, that
many datasheets show very similar characteristics for the optical part
(IFOV etc.). Is there a manufacturer who produces the optical
measurement part and the other manufactures just build the case and
operating elements around?
My second question is:
If you have experience with IR cameras, which manufacturers are
Most cameras I found are from Land, Mikron, FLIR systems, Infrared
Solutions and a few others.
Kind regards,
Thomas Weickert
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Thomas Weickert
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I have always used Panasonic Cameras with IR Illuminators (but almost every camera manufacturer has IR compatibility). It really depends on what your application is. I know Rainbow, and ATW just to name a few, will shoot out to 450 feet (Illumination). I've used the WV-CL902A series, the WV-CP470, and also the Unitized WV-CS854A series. They have a Day/Night mode, and your able, through programming to adjust the IR filter on the camera. But again, it depends on your application. Mine was for the Military.
I like the FLIR camera system, but not the price. You can do far more with more cost effective cameras, IR Illuminators, and or 500 watt quartz lights, depending on your application.
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The report writing is the most important part for me. Nothing worse than cut and paste part after part until you get what you want for the customer. Gotta love that propitiatory software. Recent cameras are all about the same to me.
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