Looking for sine wave image

Looking for a good online image of a sine wave with 120 and 170 volt
peak with average - any ideas where to look? Something sexy and
colourful would be nice but perhaps thats a lot to ask of a sine
wave :)
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Sheesh. God preserve me from lazy students! OK rant over. Why don't you create your own chart in Excel? You might learn something that way. How can a sine wave have 120 *and* 170 volt peaks? Did you mean two separate diagrams? You can find lots of generic sine wave images by going to Google Images and typing - guess what? "sine wave" into the search box...
Import the image of your choice into an image editor and add text which reads "170" or "120" in the appropriate places. Here's an example:-
formatting link

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That is exactly what computers are good for. Macintosh even comes with a graphing calculator in the Classic mode.
Bill -- Fermez le Bush--about two years to go.
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Salmon Egg
bright double dutch jump ropes, a contrasting background, a flick of the wrist and a snap of a camera and there you go. sine wave graphics....
whew, i'm glad you didn't want a video sync pulse.
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