NCEES announces new Electrical and Computer PE exam specifications

June 11, 2008
Contact: Tim Miller, P.E., Director of Exam Development
NCEES announces new Electrical and Computer PE exam specifications
The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying has
changes to its Principles and Practice (PE) of Engineering examination
in electrical and
computer engineering.
Beginning with the spring 2009 administration, the Electrical and
Computer PE exam
will no longer be a breadth and depth exam. Instead, the exam will
consist of three
separate exams divided by subdiscipline. The three subdisciplines
within the Electrical
and Computer PE exam will be as follows:
Electrical and Computer =96 Power Examination
Electrical and Computer =96 Computer Examination
Electrical and Computer =96 Electrical and Electronics Examination
Consequently, as of the April 2009 administration, candidates for the
Electrical and
Computer PE exam will be required to specify during registration which
one of these
exams they wish to take.
The current Electrical and Computer PE exam includes a morning breadth
exam and an
afternoon depth exam consisting of three separate modules. The changes
to the
specifications which were announced in April came as a result of
feedback received from
a Professional Activities and Knowledge Study (PAKS) conducted by the
subcommittee responsible for overseeing the Electrical and Computer PE
=93The results of the PAKS did not support the breadth examination in
its current form,=94
said Frank Loudon, P.E., the chair of the NCEES electrical and
computer exam
subcommittee. =93The majority of respondents indicated that the breadth
presently examined are not important for engineers in the computer and
power fields of
practice. However, many of the breadth knowledges were rated as
important for those in
the other areas of electrical engineering.=94
The changes to the Electrical and Computer PE exam will not affect the
October 2008
exam administration, which will be the final time the exam is offered
in its current form.
The revised specifications will be posted on the NCEES home page
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after the October 2008 administration
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