Need a Load

I'm doing some "experiments" with wind power. I am going to be using
a DC permanent magnet generator producing output of between 500 - 1000
watts at about 24 v.
What could I use as a load?
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How about a resistor? Nichrome wire supported on some sort of ceramic frame? Perhaps a 115V heater having five heating elements in series reconnected to put those elements in parallel. And keep the fan powered in 115v.
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Charging a 24 volt battery is a reasonable "load."
1000 watts is about 40 amps.
The "fun thing" is that when the wind dies down the battery will keep the wind mill turning. You can prevent this with a good sized (50 amp) diode and you might want some means of "dumping power" so a true "load bank" may still be in order.
Quick and dirty "load banks" can be formed from cheap toasters ($10 from Dollar General). You will need several (as in 4 or 5) in parallel to present a proper load to your wind mill. But when you finish you still have some perfectly good toasters. If you make a DIY load bank all you have is some used resistance wire.
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John Gilmer
car headlights. just series /parallel them until you have the desired amount of loading.
in addition it looks awesome when they light up.
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light bulb(s)
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RV light bulbs are intended for 12VDC. Wire two of them in series and this would be suitable for 24V. You could get 10 50W bulbs and wire them in parallel sets of 2. These are inexpensive, as are porcelain sockets and switches. Are you doing anything to control blade speed?
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