New Concept of an 'Ideal' DC Stabilizer

Im just surfing and find you. Well, once i made a DC stabilizer
myself, but so far, i've not found any DC regulators which have better
performance than mine and i get interested in hosting the page at
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You need to look at remote sensing (4 terminal) regulated power supplies. With those, the voltage is sensed /at the load terminals/ - not at the power supply output terminals. Hence, any voltage drop in the connecting cables is automatically allowed for.
There are other techniques, more designed for improving the dynamic source impedance of the supply. This is often needed for highly efficient supplies which have low loss even at light loading. Typically they use a pre-regulator which tracks loading and presents an optimal power source to the main regulator.
-- Sue
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luky wrote:
As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, news: RE-discovering something is not novel. . . ...and if you MUST post the *same* thing to MULTIPLE groups, learn the proper technique:
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