Northstar 8000 W Honda generator, feedback

I've been trying to do some research on generators, and Honda has been
highly recommended. I was curious how the Northstar 8000 Watt Honda
13 HP generator rates (item #165914-1501). I was curious how clean
its power is (would it be safe for sensative equipment like computers;
the description at Northern mentions using it for computers). I've
seen some talk about the models that have inverters & voltage
regulators, and wasn't sure if this Northstar model has either.
Personally, I would be using it for emergency purposes to run a couple
computers, well, furnace fan, etc.
I would appreciate all feedback on this generator, good or bad.
Thank you very much for all responses!
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Chris Szilagyi
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here are the specs.
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i feel the published specs are insufficient to answer your question. you need to contact a Honda applications engineer directly.
My opinion? given a choice i would NOT run a computer on a small generator such as this unless it was a laptop or was hooked to a continuous conversion type UPS. even if it was a laptop i would still be nervous about it. i have see way to much electronics blow up when a generator just stopped for some reason.
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Thank you for the suggestions, I agree... a UPS is definitely the way to go when running a desktop PC from the generator.
I am really curious as to how the Northstar 8000 that uses a Honda engine, stacks up to the actual Honda generators. Are there basic differences?? You are right in that the Northern catalog and website only provide basic specs, not much details.
I would appreciate any further feedback anybody might have on the Northstar 8000 vs. actual Hondas. Is it worth the extra cost to buy an actual Honda generator, or would the Northstar 8000 be close, even though the price is a lot less??
Thanks very much, -- Chris
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Chris Szilagyi
Thank you for all feedback. I decided to purchase this generator. It seems to be a good value and fits well with what I will be using it for. I like the fact it has a Honda GX390 engine, built-in voltage regulation (with claimed "6% total harmonic distortion"). The product description does not mention voltage regulation but I did call to confirm it does have it.
It was delivered by truck and the small grounding post was snapped off the front panel (due to rough handling during shipping probably). A quick call to the Northstar customer service got right through and they are sending out the new piece.
I would also like to mention that the wheel kit for this is highly recommended.
So far so good. If I run across any problems I will definitely post them.
Thanks!! -- Chris
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Chris Szilagyi

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