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Hi all, I'm a student of architecture, working on a project about a power plant. I've been trying to find plans of transformation stations that I could use to liven up my drawings. I don't need anything exact, just pictures (from above) or plans showing those big isolators and cables. A white square saying "transformation" wouldn't impress critics. Does anyone know where I could get something like that? Any format would do, dwg, pdf, jpg etc. I won't, of course, use it commersially in any way; it's a school project. It should be quite big, transforming from 7-8 20 kV substations, to 132 kV. Any help about where to look would be greatly appreciated, and I could of course pay anyone who sends me stuff that's useful.

Thanks in advance, Sven Nystrom Sweden

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If you have a car just follow a high voltage power line until you hit a sub-station or it just ends (in which case you turn about.)

In an urban area with most stuff underground this can be more difficult. OTOH, large metro areas almost always have a power plant within city limits and at least portions of the high voltage switching and transforming gear should be visible.

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Why not talk to your local utility or some manufacturer such as ABB Sweden? The latter should have lots of pictures as well as artists conception views. -- Don Kelly remove the urine to answer

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Don Kelly

You can visit

formatting link
,I found some great pictures there (including a

1500 MW nuclear-powered alternator, or if you don?t find anything email me and I?ll send you some scanned photos.

-- Dimitris Tzortzakakis,Greece

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Thank you! Great page to get stuff from. And I would gladly have the photos as well, if you would be kind enough to mail them to me. Don't send anything too heavy though, my mailbox gets funny if files are more than 1 MB at the time. It's my real address, I know it's not smart but...

Thanks in advance / Sven

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