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I purchased a kit of the Bohuslan made by Billing Boats on eBay. This is a very old wood kit and unfortunately the kit was apparently started and is missing the plans, two parts of the decks, the keel pieces and all the hull ribs. I can easily scratch build the parts, but need the plans desperately. If someone has an idea of where I can gt the plans, please let me know. So far Billing Boats has been unable to assist.

Thanks, Acroman

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on eBay. This is a

google first and alwys.....wide search.

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?catid=18&special=2&filtertype=&ftgnr=&SortBy=0&page=&show=1 got these in 2 seconds

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HI Acroman i have in my possession a billing model of the Bohuslan that I built some years ago I think I have the plans somewhere let me know if you stil want them and i will look for them regards brian

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