I am a student civil engeneering and I have to make a work about the
importance of communication in the profession of an engeneer. Does somebody
has information for me?
Wouter De Jans
University of Ghent
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Yes, first take an English Composition Course. It is important that when communicating an idea that the words used are precise enough that the idea is received as transmitted. This would require as much knowledge of the processes on the receiving end as on the transmitting end.
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In article , Geertdj writes
Yes if your bridge falls down / train comes off the rails/ lighthouse plops in the water/ road collapses because design errors were incorporated at any phase of the project life cycle because of poor communication you're goosed.
If your library has them :
The Professional Engineer in 'Society' JKP Publishing
Understanding Systems Failure Open University Press are good starts.
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