Parks Transformation

I am working on vector torque control of BLDC motor. I am trying to
understand Park's and Clarke Transformation. I am looking for some
links explaining the same.
Help appreciated.
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Try Analysis of Electric Machinery by Paul Krause. This has a chapter on coordinate transformations such as Park's, Clarkes etc. The MIT online course material has a section under modelling of synchronous machines. Park's transformation basically replaces the actual stator windings by a set of ficticious rotor windings which produce the same mmf as the stator windings. One can do the same (related to Edith Clarke's alpha,beta,null) which represent rotor windings by ficticious stationary windings (recall vague) which is useful for analysis of induction machines. You may find an example of this approach in the analysis of 2 phase AC servomotors.
The concepts aren't difficult but the conversion of impedances is tedious. However these approaches , as with symmetrical components, do save effort.
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Don Kelly
Thanks. The lnks were helpful.
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