Radio Shack replacement power cable

I bought an 18 gauge 3 prong grounded electrical cable from Radio
Shack. It's a replacement cable for electrical devices. This is the
North American standard cable. Anyway I want to confirm the color
coded wires before I go ahead and hook the cable up. I'm used to black
being ground and red being hot. But this cable has black (again I
assume this is ground), white, and green. Can someone confirm what
these color codes refer to?
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black-hot white- neutral (often called ground) green -safety ground -to connect exposed metallic parts such as cases to ground by an independent lead. Such parts are not part of the normal circuit and would have no connection to the white or the black-particularly the latter. Your computer would have the black and white going to the power supply while the green would connect to the case.
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Don Kelly

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