Industrial Power Cable Sizing

I need to size a power cable to connect a large channel inductor furnace to the power supply. The cable length will only be 3 to 4 feet.

How can I calculate the needed cable gauge at for up to 1500Amps at 4 feet length?

The specifics are as follows:

Power : 240 KW Voltage: 500 V Current ca. 1250 A Frequency 55 Hz These value should be considered with 5% tolerance.

The apparent power is 625 KVA, max. B = 1,65 T, the two inductor coils are connected serial.

By the same voltage and frequency, possible changes of operating point during running (wear diagram): 1. constant dislocation of the channel into direction of bushing:P=250 KW/ I=1310 A 2. constant dislocation of the channel opposite direction of bushing:P=220 KW/ I=1180A 3. enlargement of the channel cross section (washing out):P=250 KW/ I=1410 A 4. contraction of the channel cross section (growth, channel narrow):P=290 KW/ I=1050 A

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If you use 310.16 in the US NEC you will come up with 3 parallel 800 kcmil 1470a or perhaps 3 900 kcmil 1560a That assumes 75c terminations.

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