Interfacing 0809 adc with pc

Can somebody help me interface 0809 ADC with the pc and what language can I use to program for processing the data and how can I drive a fan based on the program.

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This is a multi-channel ADC - which requires that you have to both send signals from the PC (to select the channel) as well as fetch the information from the device. A single channel ADC will be a lot simpler

- unless you need multiple inputs. A single ADC can be connected easily to the parallel port of a PC. A multi-channel one is much more complicated in hardware and software.

To drive a fan, you can use a solid state or mechanical relay to switch the fan on and off, controlled by one of the output lines of the parallel (printer) port.

You have a wide range of languages to use. C++ is the most usual. I prefer Pascal.

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