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I am trying to confirm a few of the calculations I did with a software program called ETAP. The calculation is for cable loss.

Here is the data I have to work with:

Cable length is 965 ft w/ 0.168 resistance per 1000 feet. The turbine is 1500 (KW) and 34.5 (KV) with .97 power factor.

The answer the program is coming up with is -.326 (KW)

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can solve this problem?



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The cable resistance is 965/1000 x 0.168 = 0.162 ohms

The current is 1500/(34.5*.97) = 44.82A

The power loss = 44.82x44.82x0.162 = 325.47W = 0.326kW

-- Sue

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Thanks for your help. I knew there was way, but I just couldn't seem to get it.

Thanks again,


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--------- This calculation assumes single phase- a single phase 1500KW 34.5 KV machine is not common. For single phase, you also have the return losses so the total will be 0.650KW. The answer is providentially correct for 3 phase total loss although the calculation would be marked wrong in an exam. [ (current =45A/root(3)) but 3 conductors involved so it is a wash]

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