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100 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant Consists of frame 5 gas turbines, natural gas,=20 50 HZ, 3000 rpm, Low hrs since overhaul, good=20 condition.

551 MW Steam Turbine Generating Power Plant =20 The plant comprises of three (3) 117 MW and 200 MW=20 gas /oil fired steam generating units with boilers and ancillaries,=20

3000 rpm, 13.8 kV, 50 Hz, Plant has been well maintained=20 and is in good condition. Plant is being offered dismantled from=20 present location, packed and ready to ship. Price: 9 million Euros

NEW 17 MW Wartsila 18V46 HFO/Biofuel Generator Set

17076 KW, 500 rpm, 50 HZ, Year 2008, will burn light diesel fuel, heavy fue= l oil, emulsified fuels and straight vegetable oils, palm oil, coconut oil,= rapeseed oil and others. Can be converted to burn natural gas. Complete pa= ckage with manufacturescwarranty. Package has been reduced in price and is = being offered below new purchase price.

NEW Surplus 24 MW MAN HFO Containerized Power Plant Consists of Six (6) 4 MW MAN 18V28/32S heavy fuel oil diesel engines

50 HZ, 11 KV, The plant equipment is of modular design, highly fuel efficie= nt power station that includes generators, electrical switchgear, remote an= d monitoring controls. The modular design minimizes set up time and cost on site, plant can be put= into operation In 3 to 4 months after arrival to site. Available now.

21 MW Perkins Diesel Power Plant in New Condition Twelve (12) 1760 KW Perkins 4016TAG2A engines with Leroy Somer=20 alternators, 2000 KVA/1600 KW prime, 2200 KVA/ 1760 KW standby,=20

1500 rpm, 50 Hz, 380/415 volt, Year: 2007, Hours: 120 hrs, Complete=20 plant in new condition with sound attenuation building, complete control=20 system, panels, transformers, breakers, switchgear, pumps, storage tank, exhaust stacks, cabling, ventilation system, pipe work and etc. Dismantling of complete plant included in price.

25 MW Pielstick HFO Power Plant Two 12.5 MW 18PC3V Diesel Generators,

428 rpm, 10.5 KV, 50 HZ, Year: 1974, Fuel:=20 Diesel and HFO, Complete plant with all auxiliaries.=20 Plant is in good condition. Priced for quick sale 500,000 Euros

34 MW Steam Turbine Power Plant ( Must GO, Quick Sale )

16 MW and 18 MW Back Pressure 12 stage steam tur=ACbines,=20 6.3 KV, 50 Hz, Spares and extra rotor included. Very good=20 condition.

Two (2)1250 KVA Caterpillar 3516 Gas Generator Sets=20 Alternator: SR4, 1250 KVA, 400 volt, 1500 rpm, 50 HZ, Year: 1997,=20

30,000 hrs, maintained by caterpillar, next schedule maintenance is=20 at 42,000 hrs, Includes control panels, exhausts, radiators, gas valves,=20 good condition. Price for Quick Sale 139,000 GBP for the package of two set= s.

19.2 MW Duetz Diesel Power Plant Twelve (11) 2000 KVA Duetz TBD 620V16 Diesel Generator Sets and One (1) Caterpillar 3516 DITA Diesel Generator=20 Set in 40 ft sound attenuated containers, 400 volt, 50 HZ, Year 2001,=20 Complete Plant easily installed with quick set up time.

1250 KVA Wartsila Gas Generator Set Model: 16V175 SG, Leroy Somer alter=ACnator, 400 volts, 1500 rpm, 50 Hz, Year 1998, 18000 hrs, Includes control=20 panel, Gas valve and Aero cooler. Well maintained since new, very good condition.

210 MW Siemens Gas Turbine Power Plant=20 Two 105 MW V94 Siemens heavy duty gas turbines,=20

10.5 kV, 50 HZ, Year 1983, The turbines were designed=20 with versatility and project capability in mind. They can operate=20 on distillate liquid fuel, natural gas and 100% bio diesel which=20 makes them sought after for a wide range of Industrial applications.=20 Complete plant well maintained. Units can be sold separately.

48 MW Gas Turbine Power Barge Consists of a Westinghouse 251B-11 Simple Cycle Gas Turbine, ISO Base Rating 49,500 KW each, 3000 rpm, 11.5 KV volts,=20

3 Phase, 50 HZ, Fuel: Diesel, Can be converted to 60 HZ,=20 Good Condition

42 MW GE LM 6000 Gas Turbine Plant

42 MW, 50 HZ, Fuel: Natural Gas and Diesel Fuel. Only 3200 hrs of run time since overhauled and upgraded. We will supply dismantling and shipping to port.=20 Well maintained with all documentation available.

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100 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant Consists of frame 5 gas turbines, natural gas, 50 HZ, 3000 rpm, Low hrs since overhaul, good condition.
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