Relay Symbol ?


Have a forced hot water system for home heating that uses the typical 2 wire Honeywell thermostat to control a Honeywell RA832A switching relay.

The switching relay closes the circuit to the thermopile, as well as closing the 110 V circuit for the water circulator.

There is also a transformer that provides 24 V for the thermostat and the relay.


Guess I'm dating myself somewhat here, but there is a symbol that I am not familiar with in the instruction sheet for it.

The secondary of the transformer (goint to the thermostat) shows what is similar tho the common resistor symbol of

3 points up, and 3 points down from the baseline.

But this symbol has only 1 point up, 1 point down, and then the return to the baseline.

I don't think it is meant to be a resistor.

It is drawn close to the relay contact sybols. Could it be meant to be the coil for the relay, perhaps ?

Or,... ?

Thanks, Bob

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Sometimes what you described is used to indicate a solenoid.

dave y.

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dave y.

It is a relay coil or a solenoid coil. Relay coils are generally circles, but I have seen the solenoid symbol used as well.

Ben Miller

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Ben Miller

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