Ring Main addition- 20 or 30 amp junction boxes?

I am adding two extra double sockets to my kitchen ring main and I was
proposing to fit two 20 amp junction boxes to enable me to add the extra
A friend said I should fit 30 amp junction boxes instead of 20 amp
Is this essential?
So far I have not seen any 30amp boxes in B&Q or Wickes
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Blair pretended :
20amp is not adequate, nor would they be well designed to accept the heavier cable. The 30amp ones have three terminals which are large enough for 2.5mm plus proper space to route the cables. If not available from B&Q etc., then try an electrical wholesaler - CEF, N&E or similar.
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Harry Bloomfield
Thanks for your help. On my second visit to B & Q I found the 30amp boxes after a long search. They were partly hidden on the floor Blair
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