using an electromagnet to OPEN a small door

I'm building a small safe with an electronic strike. When a timer activates,
the strike releases. I want the door to pop open, and using a spring is
awkward. I thought a simple electromagnet might work, (activated just AFTER
the strike releases to prevent pre-load problems.) Can somebody suggest a
Cheap strong electromagnets seem to be of the U-shaped variety. Can I use
of these and a permanent magnet to repel each other? (I can't use two
permanent magnets because the pre-load on the strike can be enough to
prevent it from opening.)
Thanks for any help.
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Sammy Taylor
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Something wrong with just a normal solenoid?
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Most security equipment suppliers will sell this type of equipment (access control), at least they do in the UK. Suggest you Google and try and find a local supplier.
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Robbie Mayhem
Have you thought of just using gravity? Mount the safe with the back slightly raised and the door will swing open all by itself..Or fix a weight on a hinge over the door, which is pushed up as the door closes.
But yes, your electromagnetic and permanent magnet idea should work - just don't use ac and remember that they will be attracted to each other when the power is off..So you could have a door that springs open, and bounces shut and "locks" again..
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