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i just bought a 6 unit apt bldg. it has a common entry door. i am looking for a keyless deadbolt lock for this door. i'd like to be able to use inexpensive passive RFID tags to unlock it by proximity. these tags should be easy to register to the lock and the lock should be able to accommodate at least a dozen different "accounts." I can't find anything like this. when i search google i see the same cheap surface mounted POS.

I don't really want one w/ a backup keyhole and would prefer not to have a keypad, but i can live w/ one.

a bonus would be if my tenants could remotely open the lock from their apts for guests, preferably wirelessly since this is a 100 year old brick 3 story bldg.

anyone have a pointer to a lock that does this? thanks.

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commercial grade lock has one that takes a 'round fob'.. that might do what you want.. dont know details..

still got the guest problem.

need an intercom system for each apt, which involves some wiring then an electric lock or strike...depending on door.. and camera? option?

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First off, you have to see what your local Authority Having Jurisdiction has to say about not having a "keyed bypass" for your electronic access control device... Often times such keyed override access is required... Especially on front doors to apartment buildings where Fire and Medical personnel might need to gain access for emergencies... You may even be required to install a Knox (TM) Lockbox near the front door to hold keys for the fire department if one doesn't already exist...

Another question, is the front door the ONLY door in the whole building you will want your tenants to be able to open ? What about a basement storage area or laundry room door, as why give them a key for those and not the front door ? Or are you willing to deal with installing more than one access control device on other doors also ? This is an important design criteria that you must decide before you begin to look at purchasing any locks or hardware...

I have seen a lock device that can handle the "at least a dozen different accounts" requirement, but I think you are low balling your estimate there, as you are not accounting for your tenants having a third "credential" kept as a spare. Nor the possibility of the tenants having children which will require more accounts... What about you and your management personnel, will you not also need to have access to your building ? That adds up to more than a dozen...

The locks below represent a significant investment in support materials and may or may not work with the "key chain fobs" you want to be able to use (ask that question of a factory sales rep) but would allow you to effectively manage several locations after your initial purchase of the programming equipment and software... Offered by Best Access Systems, the BASIS G and BASIS V products work well in many situations -- I have seen them in use in college dorms and also a few office buildings...

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In order to select a lock for your front door you will first need to determine whether or not any changes to the building code have been made that effect rental properties and require either an exit device on the main door way or would require an interlocked deadbolt/lever set combination to allow for ease of exit in an emergency... You must be able to open fire exit doors with one hand ONLY and the mechanism which operates the door lock must be within a certain area of the door...

This is a fairly easy thing to do that would only require an electric strike be installed at the door and an intercom box outside the door connected to a telephone line... I don't know how easy or difficult managing such a system is, but here is what I've seen all over Boston:

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It uses a phone line to call your tenants home phone so they can talk to the guest before they release the door by pushing a button on their phone's touch-tone keypad...

Unfortunately what you are looking to do can not be done using one "off-the-shelf" deadbolt product... That is why your google searches have not found anything... You will require the design assistance of a locksmithing or access control specialist to do everything you want to do in a way that will not get you into trouble with the Authority Having Jurisdiction... Good luck...

Evan, ~~ formerly a maintenance man, now a college student...

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Options Include electric Strike, motorized crashbar, maglock all individually sold by door companies.

control these with a HUBMAN SITEMAN software suite (on your pc) See All events and who and when very easy. IEI offers a large line of keypads with numbers on 'em, like a telephone keypad OR in your case RF Fob style or credit card like RF card no direct contact necessary in some cases you can install the "reader" at hip height and a man can keep the card in his wallet and move his but near the reader to unlock the door (in event his hand are full).

I work on these often and am starting to like them (of course I haven't priced them since I have been a service tech who is newly been tasked with fixing them and not buying the stuff). They have Tech Support over the telephone and are staffed till 7pm (Eastern Time), I give their support a "B" grade.

try their website

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I know that they do have small almost stand alone systems. I work in banks and see them in the area Mosler seem to have been pushing them just before they (mosler) went under.

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Michael Navarre

So this seems to make a keyed lock look attractive. Use something with a restricted keyway, give each tenant 2 or 3 keys depending on apartment size and charge heavily for extra or replacement keys. The money gained from this should pay for a lock change every 5 years or so.

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