Remote controlled front door locks

Remote controlled front door locks.

It seems like an extravagance but I seem to want one.

IIUC, there are two models, one for 150 dollars with an enormous lock inside, that had special beeping for every meaning, and a red/green LED on the outside that blinked in harmony with the beeping. And you can set it to automatically lock the door 30 or so seconds after you unlock it with the remote.

And I think there is a cheaper one that just goes on where the the deadlock knob is now inside. I haven't seen that one yet. I think you have to figure it worked when you open the door, or you can't get in. When you are locking the door, I guess, hmmm, I'm not sure how you know it didn't lock the door if, say, the batteries are dead.

They both use 4 AA batteries in the unit, plus a little battery in the remote transmitter.

Is there the cheaper one I describe, and do you think I'd be happy with it? Any big flaws?**

So far no locksmith around here that I have called sells the cheaper one. Any way to track one down?

Thanks a lot.

**One big locksmith in Baltimore had neither, said they didn't like the complaints when the door didn't shut well and the thing wouldn't work. I'm a big boy and I won't complain when that happens. I've been paying attention for the last year, and my lock has turned very easily.

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