Dyslexic Combination Locks

I obviously have too much time on my hands.....

I had to buy SWMBO a combination lock for her health club locker. While fiddling with it I realized that given what I knew about the design of this kind of lock, there should be a combination which would open the lock if you started out turning the dial CCW instead of CW.

There was. On the lock I had, the first number was 4 less than the first number for a normal opening, the second was two less than normal and the third was (not unexpectedly) the same as the one for the normal combination. That made sense, given how these locks work.

If you never learned what's inside a simple combination lock, see:

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I doubt that my little discovery will produce a call from the Nobel committee.


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Jeff Wisnia
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I meant to say two *more* than the number for the normal combination.

and the

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Jeff Wisnia

Cheap combination locks (the ones with the numbers in a row) are easy to crack. I have made lunch money on them. Hint - it helps if you are short sighted. Regards. Ken.,

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Ken Davey

The anti theft blisters in the stores contain two metal shims. The thinner one should do well as a feeler.

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