forgot dudley numbers

I've forgot the numbers of my Dudley lock. The number at the back is
E (I think this must signify something) ... Do somebody can tell me
where I can find website or resources to help me ?
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Your best shot at removing the lock if it is attached to something is using bolt cutters. Unless you are in a very remote location that type of lock is very reasonably priced and not worth spending a lot of time on. In the US E is a letter not a number and by itself probably means nothing. I hope this is of some help in solving your problem....
Leon Rowell
kris wrote:
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Leon Rowell
We don't give out combinations (or links to them) on this forum. While you are probably honest, other folks would like the combination to someone else's lock. Sorry we can't help you.
You should call a locksmith in your own area.
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Stormin Mormon
Ottawa Canada
Either contact United Carr Fastener, the maker of your Dudley combination lock about how to get its combination, or take it to the office of the closest high school and explain you forgot its combination and ask them to please look it up for you.
Dudley combination locks are pretty low security and just about every high school on earth has a complete Dudley combination book somewhere in their office, although they generally want the kids to fill in a ROLLODEX card with their locker number, name, address and combination on it.
Used to be United Carr Fastener charged a dollar to send you your lock back with its combination noted on a shackle tag, which was exactly what a brand new lock cost.
Or y9ou can sit down and try dialling what you think is the right combination and try the lock and note the combinations you have tried on a piece of paper.
It makes for an interesting way to pass an evening when you have nothing else to do.
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Brian K.Lingard
Is this one of the silver locks with the silver dial? On the older versions of this lock you can feel what feels like the gate on each wheel as you turn the dial in the same way you would normally dial the combo while pulling up on the shackle. But it isnt really the gate. The bastards. From memory either add or subtract 7 from where the gate feels like it is and use that as the combo and as I remember whether you add or subtract alternates as you dial so if you subtract on the 1st R turn then add on the L turn then subtract again when you turn R to the last number. The last one don't really matter though if you get the first two right just keep turning the dial till it pops open for the last number. If that doesn't work reverse it. It's been along damn time since I screwed with one of these. If you want post the serial if it's got one and I'll try looking it up for you. Normally I just shim these. Search the net for "padlock shims". They work great on these and the masters. Open them faster with a shim than you can with the combo. Just ignore the "we don't give defeating information" fucking crap you're gonna hear. Half of them couldn't give it even if they wanted to cause they don't know how.
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Sorry we can't help you.
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