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Hi all I have a mosler safe. Outside tag number is 14176-22. Inside on lock it has Mosler cd120 group II. There is a key hole on the dial but I dont have the key. I am able to rotate the handle to lock or unlock.I have lost my combination. The door is open. Is there a way to reset the combination? I cant remember what the correct way to dial in the combination also. I have had this for over 30 years and never locked it. I could use some help. Thanks

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Hi, for starters LOCK the safe in the OPEN POSITION! to prevent a lockout. that lock is very expensive! I got one from the late Harry Miller Once. I Know you don't want to hear this but I would call a Certified, licensed and Bonded Locksmith. I have the correct change key and I would line up the wheels and reset it for you for an average of $75.00 for the service call and Maybe $35 more to service the safe and set the combo. depending on your location of course, just check with your local Locksmith and ask for prices. Roger

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Roger Cann

If the 'key' you are talking about goes in the dial itself that has nothing to do with changing the combo, it's just for locking the dial. Take the inside cover panel off the safe assuming there is one, take the cover off the back of the lock and line up the gates under the fence and note the combo as you do it. Dialing procedure is the typical 4L 3R 2L R slowly till the lock bolt retracts and the dial stops. Don't attempt to lock the safe with the lock cover or inside safe panel removed. Don't lock the safe without trying the combo a minimum of three times successfully.

Once you do that if you still want to change the combo and can't figure out how post back and somebody will probably tell you. If you can't decode the combo with the door open you are going to need a locksmith.

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Ottawa Canada

Your best to call a same man. Your lock probably requires service after thirty years of sitt> Hi all I have a mosler safe. Outside tag number is 14176-22. Inside on

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Brian K.Lingard

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agree wit Brian, after 30 years, it would definatly be a good idea to service (adjust & lube) all moving parts of the safe.

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Several years ago a friend brought me a safe that was left in an old office building. The owner had given it to him and he asked if I would try to open it. I ask if he had the combination and he said yes but it doesn't work. I laid the safe on it's back, with the dial facing upward, and sprayed around the dial with WD40 while giving the dial a spin. The dial started turning very easily so I dialed in the combination and it opened. Once the door was open I cleaned the mechanism. The whole thing, minus the cleaning, took about 5 minutes. I was very lucky with that one. Tom

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