S&G 6700 combination change typo?

On step 5 of changing combination (see

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it states:

"Turn the dial right ten numbers."

Is this a typo? Is this only in the event that you messed up while entering your new combination?


Step 1:Using the existing combination on the opening index,unlock combination lock,and open safe door.Re-lock lock with safe door open. Step 2:Dial the existing combination again,using the changing index,(the mark at the 11 o ’clock position).Keep the third number aligned on the changing index. Step 3:(Refer to Figure C)Insert change key into key hole on the lock ’s cover.Change key must be completely inserted. Step 4:Rotate key left (counterclockwise)90 degrees. S tep 5:Enter a new three number combination using the changing index,dialing as follows: • Turn dial left until the first new number aligns with the changing index the fourth time.. • Turn dial right until the second new number aligns with the changing index the third time.. • Turn dial left until the third new number aligns with the changing index the second time.. • Turn the dial right ten numbers.. Step 6:Hold the dial steady,and rotate change key right 90 degrees until it stops.Remove change key. Step 7:Using the opening index,check new combination at least three times.

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William Wallace
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No typo. If you take the lock apart and see interaction between the wheels, drivers and flies you will understand that you are merely moving things out of the way without actually changing the dialed comb. I don't actually go a whole 10 numbers, but rather turn the last number back to the opening index (8-1/3 numbers) for simplicity. I think the way I was taught the exact words were "5 to 10 numbers".

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The reason that you turn the dial right ten numbers is to separate the drivecam from the third wheel. So that when you swing the door and reach for the change key (to remove it) you don't bump the dial and accidentally change the third number.

I used to work for a Lockmasters graduate (and he says he was an instructor at one point). But that was back in the 80's, and I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of what he taught me.

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Stormin Mormon

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