Opening a J & J Taylor Safe

handle SEPARATE from dial?? turn handle and see if dial gets harder to turn.. see below..
BUT, you were close.. 4 times left to first number.. RIGHT, till the SECOND number comes up the THIRD time left, till the third number comes up the second time, right to open..
IF the dial got tighter with handle. STOP at left till third number above and see if handle will turn..
that might get you started at least.
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I have an empty antique J&J Taylor Safe that was used by my in-laws.
They provided me with the combination (3 digits). Unfortunately, they
didn't provide me with opening instructions.
The lock has a faint mark at 12 o'clock and a line at 1 o'clock. The
dial has numbers to 100. Can anyone explain how the lock mechanism
should work (i.e. turn counterclockwise 4x to first number, clockwise
3x to second number counterclockwise 2x to third number, etc.).
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Only use the line at 12 O'clock. Turn counterclockwise stopping at the first number the fourth time. Then turn the dial clockwise to the second number 3 times, Then turn the dial counterclockwise two times to the third number, then turn the dial clockwise until it stops.
That is the most likely way it will open, if it does not try reversing the above i.e.: dialing the lock clockwise first, then counterclockwise etc.
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Roger Shoaf
Thanks for the help.
What it took was 3L, 2R, 1L and then turn the T handle.
Any guess on what type of lock would be in the safe? It has a 5 point star at the 12:00 position, a straight line at the 1:00 position. The dial is silver.
I would like to change the combination - and want to make sure that I have the right instructions.
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