Rekeying old locks.

Hi there:
Hey joe,
May i ask how did you get a job doing clean out foreclosed homes?
you may email me at cableman at
As for rekeying, it's not that hard to do, In Califorina Anyone can legally own rekeying kits and
do change locks yourself. If you deed do it yourself, you could easy find some extra precut keys
down at most hardware stores such as Home depot, Lowe's etc... they have extras when they keyed their
old house keys to match those new locks. Or you could use one key fits all houses and give new owner a notice that
they must put in new locks before moving in. It's that simple when foreclosure agents/real estate realtors
use one key to all houses until sold???? made sense rather than carry too many keys on one ring when you are working on
many houses at once.

I clean out foreclosed homes for a living. At a job I have to change
up to four locks. I have been buying precoded Kwikset locks online
for about $6 each. How would I be able to rekey the original lock?
What tool would I use? Is it time consuming? At $6 each, am I just
better off buying new locks?
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