Safety in electric showers

Yelling sounds good to me. I probably would anyway!! I would recommend touching only things that are in water with you.

If both hot & neutral are in the water I suspect that the breaker/fuse/GFIC would trip. After all you have an unstricted flow between conductors until the tub boils dry. Something has to give.

What about an unbalanced condition? A loose hot charges the water you're in. No ground or current flow until you touch something.

I guess the worst case scenario is a hot case at the showerhead and a grounded tub/drain/pool. The water in the shower would ground "upstream" but if you touched the hot case with your feet in pool - bye!


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Well Rick, I have an open mind, but it is not easily persuaded by derision. How about some analysis?

Do you understand what an electrical field is? Please see below.

Do you believe 15 amps or more will flow through tap water under the scenario described? What do you believe the conductivity of the hot-to-neutral tap is? I'm wondering which of us has been watching too much TV!

Please explain.

Sorry, Rick. I don't follow your argument here. The general rule is this: if a person is placed in an electrical field, such that the potential difference across critical parts of the body causes a current in excess of x milliamperes to flow, death will ensue. Creating such a field with 120 VAC in salt water is somewhat difficult. In fresh water, it is a piece of cake. Now think about the ways an electric field can be generated in bath water and you're home free.


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