Electric Shower

Electric shower
Can anyone offer advice please.
I am shortly moving house and had an electric shower fitted in the bathroom.
The chap who fitted it said that he had a qualified electrician to connect
it. I asked for a Building Regulations Certificate but so far this chap has
refused and has not replied to my telephone messages.
When the pulley to the shower is turned on there is what sounds like an
electricity surge and a spurt of water comes out of the shower head, this
happens before the shower is actually turned on. How much should I expect
to pay for this to be checked out by a qualified electrician as I now have
my doubts that this shower was professionally installed.
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For what it's worth I have installed new electric showers and they have behaved as you described.
However for your peace of mind... To have it inspected I would consider paying for around 1 to 2 hrs of the tradespersons time is reasonable depending on travelling times. £25 to £50. You may actually come across some local friendly tradesperson who may be passing and may look at it for free!
If the showers faulty... and the installation can accept a new unit I would say that one person 2 to 3 hrs on site would cover the fitting of the shower with another hour to collect the bits and clean up etc.
GUIDE REPEAT GUIDE price... Cost of shower 9Kw £120 Labour and travelling 4 hrs @ £25 Misc fixings and fittings £15
If the electrical installation isn't up to standard... Cost of new cable depends on length. You can price it up in Wickes (or the likes of). It should be installed and connected in a day 8hrs (one person) with 4 hrs for clean up (plastering repairs etc).
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Many thanks for your reply, I have now contacted an Electrician and was quoted £45.00 so what you say is about right.
Thanks for your help.
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