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I recently had a sub panel installed with a couple of extra 20amp
breakers available for expansion. I have 2 240 volt circuits that run
through the shop; did not think to add extra 120 volt line at the time.
Is there some way to fashion an adapter that uses a 240 volt plug and
uses only one leg of the circuit to produce a 120 volt service line?
Or, should I just add another 120 volt ircuit from the sub panel?
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If you ran 4 wires to your 240v boxes there is a device that has NEMA 6-20 and 5-20 or 5-15 receptacles on the same yoke. You do need the neutral (white) wire in there. If you have the 4" box you could use regular devices. (one each).
I think it is better to just run a regular 120v line out there since you have the slot.
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Yes you can do that but you may "Unbalance" the load depending on what it is. A simple solution may be to use one of the wires as a pull-string and attach the new circuit to one end and pull it through JUST REMEMBER TO ADD THE WIRE YOU ARE PULLING OUT.
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