Single Pole Blank Filler Clip for a FPE Breaker Panel

I'm looking for (one) of those single pole blank filler clips for an
FPE breaker panel. It snaps into the cover in place of a single pole
breaker. If you happen to have one waiting around to be trashed,
please advise and I will send you a SASE.
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Do you know why you can't find them? FPE breaker panels are ILLEGAL in most areas! They have a nasty tendancy to allow the equipment they feed to catch on fire!
Better plan: toss the FPE panel and replace it before something burns down.
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Bob Ferapples
I'm not aware they're illegal, but they can be a hazard.
Reliance Electric bought FPE and discovered that FPE fraudulently supplied test information to UL. UL then delisted most of the FPE line. Reliance Electric sued the seller of FPE and setteled for about 43 million dollars to cover potential liability. I believe there is currently a class action law suit in New Jersey. The problem probably covers the 1965 -1980 time period although the current Canadian manufacturer won't say what changes have been made to the line.
One problem is breakers not tripping leading to Bob's fires. Busbars can also fail.
If you are interested one source of information is
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of this information is derived from an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Another source is
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