Strange electrical events in a house over the last few months

Hoping someone can shed some light on some very weird events at my
friend's house. I'm at the point of being scared.
The first was a few months ago. We were watching TV and about 10 feet
to the right of the TV we saw an orange flash (looked about the size
of a soccer ball) and heard a bang. The TV and lights didn't flicker
but the UPS in the computer room complained for a couple seconds. The
flash occured near the power outlet that the TV and related equipment
plugs into via a power strip. There was also a wireless speaker in
the second outlet. The speaker had never worked right, so it became
the suspect and we immediately unplugged it and threw it away.
About a month later the owner was awakened in the middle of the night
by a very loud boom. She checked the whole house and found nothing
out of the ordinary. She has the impression that she saw a flash of
light with the boom, but given that she was startled from a deep sleep
it seems possible that it was an illusion. It wasn't storming at the
time, but we found out the next day that there was lightning in the
area at some point over night. So, having no other leads, we assumed
a nearby lightning strike.
Then comes yesterday. We're watching TV, and to our direct right
there's a big orange flash, loud boom, and the entire house loses
power. It sure looked to me like the flash was inside the house, but
I suppose that could just be paranoia from the first two incidents.
We go outside and all the neighbors have power, but they report that
it flickered when the boom occured. A few hundred feet up the street,
the stoplights are out. The power company eventually fixes the
stoplight by doing something on top of a utility poll two houses down
(to our right when facing the TV). But our power remains out until we
flip all the breakers to off, then flip "main" to on followed by the
rest of them.
I want to believe the boom came from the utility poll, but it seemed
way too bright to have originated all the way up there. And there's
no indication that anyone else's breakers tripped. Where it seemed to
come from -- the far right-side of the house -- turns out to be
directly above the breaker box in the basement. And again, orange
flash similiar to the first one (though much bigger).
I guess what I'm wondering is, could something be wrong with the
electrical system in the house that is causing these occurances? Has
anyone heard of anything like this? Are these three isolated
incidents? I'm really hoping they are but the coincidences seem to be
piling up.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I would recommend you get an electrician to check the panel and overhead lines out immediately. The fact that the last occurence tripped your main breaker as well as blowing the fuse on the utilty pole is indeed suspicious. You should also have the neutral bonding and the main ground rod checked as well. wrote:
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Thanks, will do. With the first event in particular, is an orange flash and a boom like this a conceivable result of an electrical problem? It sure did get my nerves going...
Regards, James
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