Tektronix 2465B Error on turn-on

I have a Tektronix 2465B (400MHz) scope that I picked up from my company that was getting rid of some old stuff.

When I turn the scope on, it gives me Test 05 Fail 42 error. I clear it by hitting the trigger button I believe and I can start to use the scope. It doesn't seem like anything is wrong, but then after a while the picture sort of dissapears on me. If you move the position up and down you can sort of see some blur of light, but if I shut it off for a little while and turn it back on, it works again.

I haven't had much time to fool around with it and figure out just what's going on so I could describe it better, but I was wondering if this alarm had anything to do with my problem or are they two different problems?

If anyone knows what these codes are and/or how to fix the scope, please let me know.


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Send it to Tek and ask for calibration. Send in all the probes as well. They will tell you what it will cost.

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My guess is, it is a power supply failure. Possibly focus voltage problem.

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Dave M.

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