trouble with logic counters

Hello, I'm trying to hook up a 74HCT163 to count from 0 to 7 then loop and keep doing it. I'm having a lot of trouble making sense of the data sheet on how to connect this thing. I have a 555 chip creating my clock, it's lighting an LED right now, I took that from the positive end of the LED and am running it into the counter. I was worried about going straight from the 555 chip to the counter cause i've heard these type of chips are fragile, real sensitive to too much current/voltage. I'm powering the circuit with a 9 Volt battery, I'm splitting that in half using a couple resistors (of equal value 10 Mohm) in series and taking the voltage from one resisttor and using it as my high for the counter. I've connected the pins in this way:

1 MR - high 2 CP - 555 output 3 P0 - high 4 P1 - high 5 P2 - high 6 P3 - high 7 PE - high 8 GND - ground 9 SPE - high 10 TE - high 11 Q3 - not used 12 Q2 - to a 1K resistor in series with an LED 13 Q1 - to a 1K resistor in series with an LED 14 Q0 - to a 1K resistor in series with an LED 15 TC - not used 16 Vcc - high

I can't get anything to happen, and can't tell what some of these pins are even for. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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