What is this power distribution configuration called?

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In some areas of the US instead of the usual crossarms on poles carrying the power distribution lines, there is a system described as follows: A grounded cable runs from pole to pole, suspended from a short metal arm that holds it away from the pole. This cable has several insulating hangers hanging from it, about four between two adjacent poles. These hangers carry three insulated cables, the three phases. The four cables are held in a diamond configuration by the hangers. They are only about 9" apart.

Does this system have a name? Perhaps a brand name? What voltage is the max. this system can use?

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Michael Moroney
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One is Hendrix Wire?now owned by Kerite, I think.

--s falke

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s falke

We always called it Hendrix (which is a brand) also. It has another name, but I don't remember it. It might have been called "bundled". Interesting to note, it is only partially insulated. The cables are NOT insulated for full rated voltage. We always had lots of trouble with the corona at the spacers eating holes in the insulation.

Charles Perry P.E.

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