Whats the new trend i battery life circles?

Hi everyone,
I think we can all agree that we could always use better and more
durable batteries in our laptops, but I for one can't really find out
what is happening on this front, so I thought I would ask here.
Lithium batteries seem to be the best technology for batteries
currently, but what is the next big battery technology?
All batteries available to consumers seem to loose capacity after a
certain amount of cycles - how could this be prevented or minimized?
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Stephan Viftrup
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Altairnano Nanosafe batteries...
HIgher electrode surface area leading to higher charge/discharge currents.
More stable electrodes less vulnerable to degradation caused by ion movement.
-30 to 250 Celsius operating temperature range!
10,000 to 15,000 charge cycles! Virtually a life time.
These developments based on Li-Ion technology are aimed mainly at the automotive market, but it is fairly obvious that such batteries would find use in the portable computing market too.
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