60's educational film featuring Lego

Check out this cheesy, 1960's anti-drug movie titled "Drugs are Like
That" The film heavily focuses on a vintage Lego set!
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Basically, it's two kids building something out of Lego bricks while
talking about drugs, though there are a few additional clips in the
Among the features:
-- A lot more bricks are involved than would have come in a box that
size, unless Lego really gave you a bargain back in the day.
-- The lion's share of the Lego bricks are either red or white. Blue,
yellow, and black bricks are rare. I think there was at least one
clear block.
-- Gears are used, a LOT. These gears are larger than any I've
-- There's this one brick that appears to contain a motor; it's
powered by one of the kids putting two wires in holes in the side.
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