Still looking for TYCO castle and Space sets

I am still looking for some TYCO sets with the angled pieces used to make towers. There are three different pieces. A small triangle that TYCO called a turret brick. Each side of the triangle is the length of a 1x2 and has a single large numb on top. The second piece is a traingle with a 1x2 attached to one side. TYCO called it a 1x2 wedge brick. The numb is not on the triangle in this case. The last brick starts as a triangle and has a 1x2 attached to two sides of the triangle and does have the numb in place. TYCO called this one a 1x2 angle brick.

I am looking for about 1500 of the 1x2 angles and triangles. The common colors are red , grey and black. Red is at the top of my list. The kit I've been finding has about 250 of these pieces in it. There are several grey and black castle sets with various numbers of bricks. Most space sets have grey bricks in limited amounts. A few have odd colored bricks in very small quantities. Most of these are battery powered walkers or crawlers. I'd like to find another crawler.

I've seen a very few blue ones and want more of them. They seem to be rare. To date I've seen 4 triangles and 5 1x2 angle bricks. The triangles show up in pairs. I have no info on the kit or kits they were used in. Any info you would share about kit numbers are parts would be appreciated.

These bricks tend to show up on eBay mixed in with large lots of Lego bricks from the 80's

If you have any of these please email me at

rob dot bell at sasktel dot net

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