Looking for Tyco Bricks.

I am looking for some old TYCO brand bricks that may be mixed in with
LEGO collections out there. These bricks are very different from the
usual LEGO copies. They make a 60 degree bend and there are 5 knobs on
top with a oversized one in the middle. There is also a smaller
triangle brick with just the oversized knob on top. The common colors
are red , grey and black. I have also seen them in blue , olive green
and light green. The typical kits were either space themes or castle
kits. There is almost no info on these kits anywhere on the net so even
if you have some you are not willing to part with I would like to know
what you have. I can email a photo if anyone is interested.
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Robert Bell
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There are 4 or 5 in my bags of Tyco stuff, but you would have to pay for all of it plus shipping.
email at:
kay hyphen archer at mail dot com
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Kay Archer
I remember, but I'm looking for large quantities, your's are just not cost effective.
I have picked up several hundred pieces since the last time I posted here Even found some new colors in some sets.
Kay Archer wrote:
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Robert Bell
Perfectly understandable.
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Kay Archer

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