painting bricks

Hi, for my first diorama I want to create a ruin with on the base grey
stone and the rest bricks. I will try to make the bricks with
So far no problem, but then: i like to know how to best paint the
do i first put a primer on the corks?
how can i obtain a natural colour? Were brickcolours different in WOII
from country to country? How do i weather the bricks or even give them
a lot of questions but i'm just a beginner.
ps I use Humbrolpaint
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if you google this group for bricks and/or cobblestones you may find info on better ways to make brick, you can also buy pre made brick in resin/plaster and paper.
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I have never used cork, so am unsure how well it will work. I usually use the vac-formed styrene "brick sheets", or build my own wall with doll house bricks, etc.
Here is my technique:
1) Prime the brick section with a matte white or gray primer.
2) On your palette...put down a "blob" of a reddish brick color, a dark dirty gray, and a dark brown. (Use reference photos to figure out the "general" color of the bricks in the area you are portraying.)
3) Now, for each individual brick...mix up a unique color using the colors on your palette. is tedious and time consuming, but in the real world, each brick really is a unique (though close) color. Paint each brick its unique color, and go to the next one, mixing a new combination.
4) Let the finished brick section dry for a good while (a day at least). Then brush on a thick coat of full strength Burnt Umber oil paint (Winsor Newton "artist line" is my favorite)...Do *not* thin the oil paint...use it straight from the tube. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then "erode" it away, using a wide soft brush, or even old T-Shirt cloth. The Burnt Umber oil will have filled in the grout areas, and also will have stained up the bricks a bit.
5) Let it sit for another day...then Dull Coat it.
Nice, dirty, weathered...and individually colored bricks.
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Greg Heilers

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