Fox. Sox. Fox, Sox, Box. Fox in Sox, Fox in Box

Exactly 200 different Original Lego Boxes are for sale in my shop right now with a total selection of more than 320 to choose from. There are some as recent as Star Wars and Adventurers, and several as much as 20 years old! All Themes are represented somewhat.

If you want Original Lego set Boxes for your collection, right now is the time to check out my shop to see if I have want you are looking for.

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Almost all of the boxes for sale now have come from my personal Lego collection of 1200 sets. I have been storing some of these boxes for as long as 25 years and I finally decided to sell them. My reward for storing them all these years is having people buy them and restore some lost childhood memories. A few more dollars in my pocket is good, too.

I have attempted to accurately describe all defects, but I may have missed some details. I judged their condition according to their worst fault. If there are no disparaging remarks, then you can believe the box to be trouble-free.

Those listed as "Cut to Lay Flat" are exactly that. In order to store the smaller boxes, I used scissors or a hobby knife to cut along the edges of the main panels so that the boxes could be stored safely and in less space. It was either that or discard them. If you need boxes for your Lego collection you will be glad I did not discard mine so that you may now own them.

A small assortment of Original Instructions are also available now.

I began listing boxes a few weeks ago. Those that sold quickly were shipped to buyers and they should begin to leave feedback for me. Please check my feedback if you have any doubts as to the quality of the boxes I am selling and my skill at packing them to prevent shipping damage.

__Kevin Salm__ ABP Lego Sales

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Lego Brick enthusiast for over 25 years. And I have the boxes, instructions, and bricks to prove it!

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