I Haven't Struck it Rich!

But there's hope. With only two bidders, perhaps the true value of the
item has not been revealed yet.
I know that a lot of items just go up in price at the last minute.
Someone posted, about a week ago, about his sales on eBay. One of them
was a New In Box Star Wars Droid Escape set.
I had seen here, in a discussion I participated in, someone say that
there is interest in Lego, because Star Wars sets command high prices.
In a store at a mall near where I work, in the low-price annex to a
department store chain, I saw a Droid Escape kit, number 7106, marked
down from $10 to $7. Someone had partly opened the box.
But no parts were missing, I found, after I bought it.
But then I searched Google to see if my news service was missing
replies to some of my recent posts. I found the article from the 11th
mentioning a Droid Escape set on auction.
One day and 12 hours left in the auction.
Fifty-five cents is the current high bid.
So much for finding an extremely rare antique cheaply!
I guess I can open the plastic bag, and play with R2-D2 and C-3PO.
John Savard
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John Savard
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On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 17:39:02 GMT, snipped-for-privacy@excxn.aNOSPAMb.cdn.invalid (John Savard) wrote, in part:
With an additional bid, it's now $2.75, so the action is heating up. (15 hours and 29 minutes to go.)
John Savard
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John Savard
a) It finally went for $10.36;
b) if you read my original post, you would know that I was *not* trying to advertise the auction (it was mentioned once in this group by the seller) but just noting that the item didn't seem to be as terrifically rare and valuable as another posting discussing the renascent interest in Lego seemed to imply.
John Savard
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John Savard

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