Lego PC COmputer

Anyone have any info, links, experience with building a PC?
Also, is there a good resource of mindstorm ideas with instructions?
Thanks in advance
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Ken Birnbaum
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I was thinking of doing a case mod built out of lego or making a fortress that houses the PC, anybody already do that??
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Joe Jasper
I did last fall ... actually this post is written on the very same PC :-)
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- Jakob Bindslet, AFoL
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Jakob Bindslet
If you plan on running the RIS Mindstorms Lego Product on your PC (with the USB I/R Tower), It's a 50/50 chance that it will work with XP. Windows 98 SE works fine for everyone. Just thought that I'd mention this.
Best regards,
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"RG" :
When I contacted Lego about my problems (RIS caused XP to hang every time it tried to contact the tower), the mailed me a patch. For some reason they haven't bothered to put it on their web page, try mailing them.
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