I just got back from a visit to Legoland with my 6-YO son & it was
FANTASTIC! I see lots of people dissing the park but it gets my vote!
My son was allowed to choose where we went for vacation this year &
that's where he wanted to go.
I LOVED seeing all the things built from Legos, he loved the rides &
activities. He's used to going to Astroworld here in Houston, where
he's not tall enough to ride a lot of the rides. He could have ridden
everything in Legoland if he'd wanted to (he doesn't 'do'
rollercoasters!). We rode the Hydroblaster (I believe that's the name)
FIVE times!! None of the lines were long, except for the
self-propelled water boats. He LOVED driving & getting his driver's
license there. We spent all day & were disappointed when they closed.
We had to be 'shooed' out of the park at 6:30 (they closed at 6 the
day we went) & could've stayed MUCH longer.
When I asked him what his favorite thing was in the Park he really
surprised me & said "all the things made out of Legos". I expected him
to say "Hydroblaster" or one of the other rides but he (& I!) were
just fascinated by the Lego sculptures/animals.
I agree preteens & teenagers would be bored there, unless they REALLY
like to build things w/Legos. But it gets my vote as a terrific park
for kids!
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"DC" skrev i en meddelelse news:
Which one - being a Dane there is only one - Billund.
We go there 3 days in a row. We stay at the nearby (across the street - direct access to Legoland) quite expensive hotel, and 3 days give the kids time to go many times on all the rides, give Mom time to build mindstorms and give Dad time to watch the mini lands.
Apart from that we go to the bar in the hotel and drink non-alcoholic cocktails and we build with LEGO in the basement of the hotel until 11 o'clock.
My kids are 6 and 11 - we are 45 and 50.
We don't manage to go every year - it costs as much as a one week vacation some other place.
Tine, Denmark
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Tine Andersen
For some reason their voice mail system doesn't have a "talk to a real person" option. Can you get into the store without buying admission to the park?
Any info on the stock in the store would be appreciated as well.
-- Mark Heaely marknews(at)healeyonline(dot)com
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Mark Healey
the one time i was there i did get into the store without paying admission(helped i got there 1 hour to closing and only wanted to take pics of miniland and go shopping 8^) and as far as stock available when i was there they had alot of stock and lots of low prices on some stuff they even had items that were recently put out of production runs,Rick.
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@spammer.die (Mark Healey) wrote:
The store is inside the park, but supposedly there is some option where they take your credit card number and give you an hour pass to go into the store. If you stay longer than the hour, they charge you park admission. If you leave before the hour is up you don't get charged. I've never done this myself, but that's what I've heard on groups like this. As to merchandise, you can get pretty much any currently available set. There are also special promotional items (t-shirts etc) that you can't get elsewhere. The big deal, though, is that there is a store where you can buy loose bricks. This wasn't there when I was there, though, so I can't tell you what pieces are included.
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Bruce H

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