Minifig Scale USS Missouri

Could someone test my math for me?
Assume a minifig is 6 feet tall.
Now, taking the USS Missouri dimensions:
Length - 887' (270.4 m)
Width - 108' (33 m)
Height - 210' (63.9 m)
What is the length/width/height of the actual model?
I don't have a ruler/minifig handy, but I'm told that a minifig = 4
standard bricks tall = ~5 pegs tall.
That's giving me a length of 36.5 feet, a height of 4.6 feet and a
width of 4.5 feet. Now, I know that when the scale shrinks, numbers
get closer together, but the width and heigh seem way too close to be
And no, I don't think I could do it. I'm just curious :) heck, I
don't think I could do just one of the 16 inch guns :)
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Easier; assume that minifig scale is 1:40 (that's indicated on the Ferrari models).
6.76 m or 845 studs in minifig scale
0.82 m or 103 studs in minifig scale
1.60 m or 500 plates in minifig scale
Your math definitely looks wrong to me.
Play well,
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Jacob Sparre Andersen
Not the best news I've ever had but at least it wasn't a test =)
I wish I could figure out where my numbers went wonky, but thanks for the sanity check.
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Using your assumption of a minifig being 6 feet tall, and the actuall height of a minfig is 1-5/8", you have the following dimensions of a scale USS Missouri:
L = 887' = 148 minifig lengths = 20'
W = 108' = 18 minifig lengths = 2' 5-1/4"
H = 210' = 35 minifig lengths = 4' 8-7/8"'
As for your calculations, you are off by a factor of 2 in the height, so that is the calculation where the error lies.
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Ken Rice

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