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LEgo Store at Disney Orlando
Does anyone know if you can buy Lego bricks by the pound at the Lego store in Downtown Disney in Florida? Thanks, Glen
Re: Why don't the Lego Cannons in the US fire?
I don't see what firearms have to do with Lego pirate cannons. I've heard that there is a US law governing the minimum size of toy projectiles (to prevent choking). Since firearms are not toys, these...
Working on RCX 2.0 Lego MindStorm-Help Needed
Hi there All! I have started working with lego mindstorm rcx 2.0. I am using Bricx Command Center. Can any one help me with this thing, that is, suppose if the rcx robot hits a hinderence or touches,...
Last Attempt to get to BrickFest
Hey guys, me again. I said I wasn't going to be able to make it to the Fest but there is a slight chance I might be able to pull it off. This is the deal. I just moved to a new city and found a new...
Lego Buildings - Open Back vs. Closed?
Closing the building prevents people from seeing the interior and reduces play value. Open backs, while less realistic, allow great access. I think the best set design can be seen in sets like the new...
FA - Weekly New Items listing at AucitonBrick
This is the weekly update of new items listed at as of Wed Jul 09, 09:57 PM PST. To bid, register or view details go to ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7130...
8x HOGWARTS CASTLE parted out, 70,000 parts 20% off
Sale at BrickLink's "AARON'S ALL THEMES"... Yeay! I have parted out 8x Hogwarts Castle 4709. All my 70,000 delicious parts are 20% off; minifigs too! for your 1,180 orders since April 2001Aar
Problem with downloading Firmware to RCX
Hi -- I can not get the firmware to downlaod to the RCX. I am using NQC to download it. It runs until the LCD says 1500 or so and then quits. This is what happens (notice it ran a little then quit):...
Peeron and Lugnet.
Hello, I was trying to get the inventory for set #3538 Snowboarder Cross Race on Peeron, but it's not there yet. It does appear on Lugnet. Does anybody know how long it normally takes for a set to get...
Set 7030 vs. Set 3500
With the "World City" Police sets are coming out soon, I wonder if the BrickWars people will be introducing Lego Sports vs. Police battles into their scenarios. One suggested match-up: vs. - course,...
FA: Technic and Mindstorms items (motors, sensors, etc.) ending in 2 hours
I got a fair amount of Technic and Mindstorms items on eBay, ending after 6pm PDT today. If you miss the end of these auction, please contact me directly at - I might have more of these Lego items for...
LEGO 5571 Model Team - Giant Truck (MISB)
Hello all, I want to sell the following MISB Model Team set: set #5571 Giant Truck: EUR 280.- or equivalent in USD. -set condition: set is MISB, unopened, box in good shape. -pictures of the set...
FA: Weekly New Items Listing at AuctionBrick
This is the weekly update of new items listed at as of Wed Jul 02, 09:53 PM PST. To view details of all items, register or bid, go to...
Re: Mindstorms "up-time"
I found out that if you change the batteries one at a time and pretty fast, the memory isn't wiped out.
Re: Ebay Lego Auction Listings - 6/25/03 - 129 auctions!
> 4 days left and 108 auctions left!