Working on RCX 2.0 Lego MindStorm-Help Needed

Hi there All!

I have started working with lego mindstorm rcx 2.0. I am using Bricx Command Center. Can any one help me with this thing, that is, suppose if the rcx robot hits a hinderence or touches, it should record its value, and if again we run the program, it should avoid that hinderence without touching the hinderence. and is it possible to define an X, Y Plane, so that, the robot can go to a specific point. I am trying to move my robot from POINT A to a POINT B. I need to define some axis. when the program is run first, the robot will have to find its way, colliding with the objects in its way. During its way to point B, it should record the position of all the hinderence it faced. So when we run it again, from POINT A to POINT B, it simply avoid the hinderence without touching them, as recorded by it in the first run. Please Help me. thanks....

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