Technical problem concerning the microcontroller of the RCX brick

I am a member of a project group at Aalborg University, Denmark, and the goal
for our project on this semester is to code an operating system for the RCX
brick from Lego.
During a whole week, I have been strugling with the 8 bit timers of the H8/3292
(which is a member of the H8/3297 series). I have in my hand section 9 of the
hardware manual from Renesa (entitled "8-Bit Timers"), which should be enough to
make the timers work. I had no problems making the 16 bit timer work using
section 8 of the same manual. If someone is interested, my collections of links
can found here:
formatting link

Let us jump right into the problem: I follow section 9 of the hardware manual to
the letter, but I cannot make the 8 bit timerswork completely. I am able to set
up one of channels, such that the overflow interrupt is requested on counter
overflow, but when I try enabling either CMIA or CMIB (Compare-Match Interrupt
Request A/B, done by setting bit 6/7 of the TCR, Timer Control Register) the
brick fails to continue. I have tried executing my program in BrickEmu and on a
real RCX brick - I get no error message from BrickEmu, and the RCX brick just
ceases operation (it does not power off, just stops further execution). I know
it is not a problem with my interrupt handler, because I used the same handler
when I successfully enabled the "on-counter-overflow-interrupt-request".
I use these typedefs:
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef unsigned int word;
I use these defines:
// Timer Control Register
#define C0_TCR *((volatile byte*)0xffc8)
// Timer Control/Status Register
#define C0_TCSR *((volatile byte*)0xffc9)
// Time Constant Register A
#define C0_TCORA *((volatile byte*)0xffca)
// Serial/Timer Control Register
#define C01_STCR *((volatile byte*)0xffc3)
// Compare-Match A Interrupt Vector
#define C0_CMIA *((volatile word*)0xfda8)
Here is my main function, which sets up channel 0 of the timer and "installs"
the interrupt handler:
void _main(void)
// Make sure channel 0 of the timer is turned off
C0_TCR = 0;
// Set time constant register A to 100
// (this value is not important)
C0_TCORA = 100;
// Clear counter on compare-match A
C0_TCR &= ~0x08; // Clear bit 3
C0_TCR |= 0x10; // Set bit 4
// Choose slowest internal clock source (Oe_p/1024)
C0_TCR |= 0x03; // Set bit 0+1
C0_TCR &= ~0x04; // Clear bit 2
C01_STCR &= ~0x01; // Clear bit 0
// Make sure compare-match flag A is cleared
C0_TCSR &= ~0x40; // Clear bit 6
// Set interrupt vector
C0_CMIA = (word)&handler;
// Enable compare-match interrupt request A
C0_TCR |= 0x40; // Set bit 6
// Busy wait forever
while (1);
This is my interrupt handler:
void handler(void)
asm("push r0 \n\t" // Save registers
"push r1 \n\t" // CCR and r6 are saved by ROM dispatcher
"push r2 \n\t"
"push r3 \n\t"
"push r4 \n\t"
"push r5 \n\t"
"mov.w #0xf000, r0 \n\t" // Start motor A
"bset #7, @r0 \n\t"
"bclr #6, @r0 \n\t"
"bclr #6, @0xc3:8 \n\t" // Clear CMFA (bit 6 of TCSR)
"pop r5 \n\t" // Restore registers
"pop r4 \n\t"
"pop r3 \n\t"
"pop r2 \n\t"
"pop r1 \n\t"
"pop r0"
I expect motor A to start, when the interrupt is requested by the timer, but
nothing happens.
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Martin Toft
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Martin Toft
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hi martin this group is dead. Go to, the robotics news group has all the experts.
- thomas hoeg-jensen
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Thomas Hoeg-Jensen

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