lego with brickos(C) on RCX and JAVA on PC - IR comm ??

Hello !
im in a schoolproject currently, and we have 3 RCX's which will be 2 ghosts,
and 1 packman, we also have a physical pacman level
which we will follow with some lightsensors. Anyways, i cant get anything
through from the tower to the RCX (v1.0) it is a serial tower, and i
know it works cause i program the RCX from it .. but i cant make it work
when trying to implement it in a JAVA program, im using the JAVA COMM API
from SUN, and there seems to be no serial events to trigger my eventlistener
which will print whatever the RCX will send me,
neither can i send through my program to an RCX.
Im using the LNP/LNP-logical files for communication, with the methods
get_msg() and send_msg().... is it wrong to use theese if im to communicate
with my computer ? should i write a new layer myself (seems very hard, im
not that strong a C/C++ programmer, more into JAVA)??
can someone please provide me with a working example ? i have one already
that reads the echoed data it sends to the RCX (which works)... but i dont
get why my serialport eventlistener doesnt get triggered by events....
seems very strange to me... hope you can help !! an Example of a C coded
RCX (if using own layers (.h/.c files), please provide a copy of those too)
which interacts with a JAVA program which i will also need, in either .class
format or .java (or .jad for that matter... whatever you have, i can
decompile it :)....
im currently coding in JBuilder2005 Enterprise edt. if that has anything to
please either link here in the group to downloads/stuff to read online, or
email it at 'simons[at]' where '[at]=@' .....
thanks a million !
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