Am I charging too much here?

I went to a break in today. Three doors at a drug supplier. The first door was wood and they kicked it in, no problem, not the main problem though.

There are two doors other than the main door where the security is most at risk. They are foam filled metal doors and frames. The doors swing in, a big no no. The thief pryed the door open. There is an alarm. The cops showed up quick but it was too late.

My solution for the main entrance because of the wood door was to install a Mag-Lock wrap around and renforced strike. For the other two metal doors because they swing in, (I couldn't put on a Charly Bar at the pry point), I installed a B162 Grade 2 Schlage double sided dead bolt and a 2.75" backset wrap around at the top and bottom of each door along with a wrap around on the existing B162 dead bolt in the middle with no wrap around on the key in knob lock on each door. The bolts were the standard type, not drive in.

I charged the customer 713.13 US with tax. The job is in Houston Texas.

The price break down is: Parts: B162 626 - 59.95 keyed to his key times four = 239.80

Note: The list on the Grade 1 dead bolts with the big bolt is 125.00 each and I thought that was too much and the customer thought so too. Not a big spender. Small business.

Mag Lock wrap around 2.75" by 12" times four + 107.80 Mag Lock 2.375 wrap around times two = 35.90 Tax 33.18

Labor: Trip charge 30.00 Drilling holes and installing locks 30.00 each times four = 120.00 installing wrap arounds and counter sinking through bolts 15.00 each times seven = 105.00. rekey two other cylinders at 12.00 each for 24.00.

I am billing the customer Monday. He I a regular. Is this a good fair price to charge? Too much? Too little?

Thanks Glen

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Glen Cooper
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Sounds reasonable to me. Maybe a little low. S/C was low, and I would have charged for setting the deadbolts up to _his_ key. Plus, by the sound of one of your replies, the job stretched into "emergency service" time.

Take him up on the dinner offer and it should even out.


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Bob DeWeese, CML

Glenn, We give regulars a break, just so long as they are regulars.. not just rambling on about how they are going to give us all there business and how we are the only one they will ever call.. (calling about one every 10 or so years doesn't count) Ya got to love QuickBooks! it lets you assign a price class to well as do an istant serch on all transactions! average $ around here for installing a deadbolt is $20.00 22.50 to 35.00 for schlage but when I do other work to the door like adding mag plates I leave it at 20 and add 5 - 10 per plate.(depending on model).. making money off the mag plates no doubt! your rekeying is double of what we charge. and when we sell the lock keying is free! keyed to there key of course.. but yes it's extra to key there old lock to the new lock. Oh before I forget, you used 162's? fire marshal let you get away with using double cylinder dead bolts no quick egress? I would've tried my best to go the 160 route and saved the customer that much more money! oh BTW we sell the 162X626 for $37.95 plus install List on the lock is $55 by my book this would've made it 57.95 per lock installed! $2.00 less then what you sold it for.. :-) but you are in business to make money... and if that's what everybody else charges in your area more power to ya.. around here I seen lockey's put locks on for just 10 bucks a door for every other one.. oh well rambled on enough.. "you take care of the customers and they'll take care of you!"


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Glen, does'nt sound exorbant to me at all, considering you're installing grade 1-and probably some heavy gauge strike enforcers. Later, Ralph.

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Ralph Greenwood

Sounds reasonable. Perhaps even a little on the low side. Customer should be happy.

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Regular time 9:00AM. He set the appointment up the night before after securing the area the best he could.

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Glen Cooper

That QuickBooks is a nice little program.

I think I'm OK with the fire code in this situation. Without getting into the particulars, the small area involved must have restricted egress as well because of the nature of the items being stored there. If I have a problem I'll just install some thumb throws.

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Glen Cooper

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