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Ask away. You'll probably get answers that are in the FAQ, or you'll be encouraged to read the FAQ, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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I'd recomend that you join the Yahoo Locksports group. In general, much more specific information is disscussed there, without continual reminders not to discuss defeating instructions.
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I've been in the locksmithing field for 17 years, professionally. I worked for two other companies, and took a course. I've paid my dues.
If you think I'm going to give security compromising wisdom to a usenet poster, you're mistaken.
You can learn picking locks the same way I did.
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Stormin Mormon
There's no reason to be so harsh, Chris. If the computer geeks took the same attitude 90% of the country would only be able to use AOL. Microsoft Windows would only be available to large companies who could afford the support staff. Bill Gates would be an insignifi....
HMMM. Maybe you have something there :-)
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